Monday, March 15, 2010

My Motorcycle Man

I wanted to show you a photo of my motorcycle man but, alas, what happened to the place where you add pictures? Am I just missing something or is the link missing...oh well, this is typical for me and technology. But, I do have a motorcycle riding dude now. Yes, my husband purchased a Harley on Saturday. He has been wanting one for years so I'm glad he got it. I haven't been on a ride yet, though, because I don't have a helmet. Yet. Oh, I will be getting a helmet! hahaha...

Since Johnny has a new hobby I thought I might pick one up as well. Not nearly as exciting as a motorcycle but I'm thinking of taking up knitting. It is the fad thing to do at our church and I'm all about the fad...(more laughter!!) Really, there are some gals who are knitting and I'm hoping to get some instructions tonight because it is practically impossible to learn to knit by watching a video on the internet.

So our Spring Break is off to a roaring start. I had lunch with some sweet young friends today and, other than that, it's been an extremely quiet day. We'll be camping in a few days but it's nice to have a couple of days to just chill and for the high school kids not to have to worry about homework!

That's all for now....Jeanette

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