Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Wild Fun in the Wildwood

We returned yesterday evening from our camping trip to the New Braunfels area. We were actually camping at Lockhart State Park. I am a fan of the Texas state parks. My favorite spot to spend Thanksgiving break is Tyler State Park. When we lived in West Texas, we spent several Thanksgivings and Spring Breaks at Abilene State Park, although those were the tent camping days. Tyler SP and Abilene SP have a few things in common with each other that makes Lockhart SP in a class by itself. Let me just put it this way, I will not intentionally be making another trip to Lockhart SP. Camping in July in Texas is risky anyway with our over-100 degree days. You can only get a metal box so cool - even when you have great airconditioning - when it is getting beat down by the afternoon sun because there's not a shade tree to block the sun's rays. I shouldn't complain - I'm sure the people at LSP do not choose to have dead grass covering their fields. A little rain is all they need. All they desperately need.

We spent one day at Schlitterbahn Water Park. I haven't been there since Jessica was born. We had 10 people under the age of 21 with us and, funny, they didn't spend too much of the day with us. I had a ton of fun and was encouraged that I am not, afterall, getting too old to enjoy racing down the waterslide on a foam mat. Another day we hit up the huge outlet mall. The highlight of the trip may have been when I was the victorious one at Mexican Train. Ok, ok, that wasn't the highlight but I had to get that out there.

We were driving home yesterday and I had my feet up on the dash and phone to my ear when I looked over and saw my 2 brothers driving beside us making faces at me. That was crazy. Their wives and kids were following behind them so we pulled over at a shopping center off the highway to chat with them for a bit.

Johnny leaves bright and early in the morning for Venezuela. He'll be meeting with pastors and a church planter down there that our church supports. Me and the kids will be here at home. Since the kids have been out of school I have been on 4 trips and I'm ready to be home for a while. Though, had I a chance I would've been on that airplane to Venezuela in the morning in a heartbeat...

Happy Sunday!


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Anonymous said...

All you abound in hope readers...we are international here. While meeting with some pastors here in Venezuela (while eating at a chinese food restauarant in Venevuela...our interpreter translated our english to a chineses man's bad spanish so we could order in chinese) one of the pastors said ...How is your wife...I read her blog...abound in hope...she writes very good.