Friday, July 31, 2009

A Week Without Johnny

It always seems like the weeks are so long when Johnny is gone. I just don't sleep well at all so I'm extra tired. I got up early this morning and thought I would sit in my office with my coffee and study but Jacob got up and was ready to mow before 9 am. He doesn't need my help but I went out to the garage to sweep while he mowed out front. I did have to find some ant killer for the pile of ants he ran over and I also brought the trash cans around from the back so he could empty the grass catcher. Then one chore led to another and I never got back to my office all day. I did have the awesome privilege of hanging out with my kids tonight. Yeah, just me and the three. We went to Freebirds then over to Target to get a few things. Well, Jessica and I went into Target and the boys walked over to Game Stop. When we came out of the store the sky looked scary. We stopped for yogurt and ended up getting caught in the storm. We had to have some milk, however, so I pulled up as close as I could to the door at Kroger so Jacob could run in and get the milk. He almost made it to the door when he WIPED OUT. Man, he went down. He got up, turned around laughing then ran on in the store. I was laughing and feeling guilty all at once. It was his shoes - these awful slip-on shoes that Jessica and I hate that he absolutely insists on wearing. I almost think he wears them just because he knows it irritates us.

Johnny had a great week in Venezuela but is stuck in Miami tonight. His flight was late leaving Caracas and, therefore, he didn't make his connecting flight. He and his 3 traveling companions are at a hotel in Miami until the morning. ugh! When we found out Jacob said, "I guess you won't sleep again tonight." He did offer some advice to help me sleep. Maybe I'll try it but mostly I'll be excited about tomorrow and having my man at home with me!

Serving the King,


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