Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Psalm of the Week

It's a partial psalm this week. Trivia question (don't look ahead for the answer): what is the longest and shortest psalms? They are separated by just one psalm. This week I am reading just the first 32 verses of the longest psalm, 119. (the shortest is 117)

Verse 28 caught my attention this morning. I just found out a friend who traveled with me to Burma a couple of years ago lost her young adult son. Her grandson was staying with her so she had to be the one to tell him his dad was dead. That weighs me down - I cannot imagine the depth of sorrow. My friend loves God's Word. I pray that she will find comfort in it and from her heavenly Father over the next days.

Psalm 119 is rich. I hope you'll stop right now and read verses 1 - 32. I love God's Word. I really do believe - I mean, I really, really believe - that God's Word has all the answers for all life's problems and circumstances. I can so relate to the psalmist's words. God did not give us a book of instructions to keep us from having fun or doing the things we wanted to do to be a heavy-handed dictator. He loves His creation and wants the very best for those that belong to Him. He gave us His written Word, His written revelation of Himself, as a guide so that we might have an abundant life. To keep us from those things that might harm us or lead to hurt and heartache. Yes, we'll be hurt and we'll have heartache. Everybody does. But sometimes it's those sinful behaviors that lead us to the road of heartbreak. That's what He wants to protect you from. I've said to my kids a bazillion times, "make good choices." If we follow God's Word it will be our guide so that we can make good choices.

Serving the King,


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