Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home to Stay

Finally, there's not another trip on the calendar until I head to India in October. I really like to travel but, more than that, I'm a home-body. I'd rather be home than any place else. Since school has been out I've been to New York, Kentucky, Georgia, and a camping trip last weekend. I even drove down to Waco to see my sick grandmother yesterday. Every time I return home it takes me days to get back in a groove. I haven't been home long enough to get groovy...ok, ok, that's super corny but I couldn't resist. I am most definitely NOT ready for school to start back but I am ready for normalcy and routine.

I am also super unfocused when life seems chaotic. I had big plans for projects that I wanted to do this summer. ha! The most exciting project that I am behind on is a Bible study Johnny and I are writing together. We are actually writing a devotion guide and indepth homework for the study. We've worked some this summer and I've been reading -- yes, by choice not coercion -- sections from some of my textbooks from seminary. I am a geek, I love to read textbooks, I love to study. I've said before that I don't think I am a great teacher but I feel compelled to teach because I love to study and the information seems to need to come from my head and out of my mouth.

I'm behind on the laundry, the house is unorganized, the garage is hideous, and there are weeds growing in my flower beds. I'll get to it -- hopefully soon now that I'm home to stay for a while.

Serving the King,


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