Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Give Up

Ok, was I the only person on the planet that had not heard Susan Boyle sing? Friday night we had dinner with some friends while our kids were at TFX. Everyone was talking about Susan Bolye so I just looked her up on youtube. (I could link it here but it's too much trouble so go to youtube and look it up if you have not heard her yet.) She was incredible but the phenomenal thing was the judges faces when she started to sing and the reaction of the crowd to her. (She was on a tv game show called Britain's Got Talent.) She's not old by any means (ONLY 47) but when asked why she had not fulfilled her dream yet she responded that she had not yet had the chance.

Here's the questions: What's your dream? What, or who, is holding you back from achieving your dream? (is it you...are you the one holding yourself back?) What's keeping you from going for it?

Reader - just GO FOR IT! Don't give up, never give up! No matter what happens to Susan Boyle it's a great reminder for all of us to never give up fighting for that dream. We just might surprise someone...we just might surprise ourself.

And that's all I got cuz that's probably way more for me than anyone else reading these words.

Serving the King,


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