Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Follow Me

Check out my layout just over to the right. Over there, below my picture and about me. I'M ON TWITTER! LOL! Johnny, one of our other pastors and I had lunch with a guy from an orphan ministry yesterday and we high-fived cuz we both just got on twitter. I feel so technologically smart, though I'm not. That is evidenced by the fact that I tried to send an emailable audio file for a class I'm teaching on Wednesday nights to my group -- they got the email and the audio file but without the sound. A lot of good that will do them. I am really laughing (yes, out loud, here in my office all by myself) cuz I cannot imagine anyone following me on twitter. My life is just not that exciting or interesting. In fact, I cannot think of one thing to type on twitter so far. I usually cannot think of anything to type on my facebook status either. I really just got on cuz I wanted to follow people. And, once I figure out how to update the twitter thing (or, should I be writing tweet?) from my cell phone it might be useful when I'm away from home. Like in a couple of weeks when I head to Chicago with Jessica for her class trip. Johnny might want to know what we're up to in Chicago. In fact, I'm sure he'll want to know.

Oh my goodness...internet, facebook, twitter...it's a new day, for sure...

Serving the King,


PS - And, if you're really web savvy, go to our church website and you can download Johnny's awesome sermon on spiritual warfare and put it on your iPod! www.firstmansfield.com

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Anonymous said...

you are so techno savvy