Thursday, April 16, 2009

What We Have in Common

Women are women, despite culture or language or location. Even when we cannot communicate with words because of language barriers, there's something about women that just connects. The two pictures to the right are from just about one of my favorite times from my recent trip to India and Nepal. These 2 were taken in a village in India. We dedicated these sewing machines and then had a time where we just interacted with the women there. Salena and I had our cameras and we were taking pictures with them (this one was taken by an Indian guy that I somehow communicated with that I wanted him to take a picture of the four of us!!).

Another day Salena and I wanted to go shopping. One of the ladies went with us -- along with her 3 sons and our security, George. I wish I could explain in written words about the shopping trip. We definitely had a language barrier -- she spoke some English and we don't speak any Hindi -- but somehow we managed to talk about what we liked and didn't like, what things were too expensive, and if something would fit or not. I think the amazing thing that we have in common is our love for God. In India, in Nepal, and on previous trips overseas, I have found that women love God and want to worship Him and serve Him. Even when I have seen and heard women singing in a language I don't understand, the emotion and devotion is unmistakeable. Hands lifted toward heaven mean the same thing in Asia as they do in America. God hears prayers in Hindi just as well as He hears prayers prayed in English. Clapping hands along with the music is a part of worship here and there. What we have in common is greater than the things we don't. Made in the image of a holy and awesome God. Made to worship. Gifted to serve. Promised an eternal future in the presence of our King.

I'm grateful that the images of these women are captured in picture and trapped inside my head. I'm honored to have met them.

Serving the King,


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