Thursday, April 23, 2009


Below is a poem that Jessica wrote and I took off her facebook. It's her second poem to write in a week...the first was for a friend of hers who had gone through "Every 15 Minutes." She amazes me at times. She's really creative...she made an awesome tshirt for TFX this weekend and helped her brother with his too. Anyway, I just wanted to post the poem here cuz I liked it.

untitled by Jessica

Scared to look back, everyone is looking to you.
You have something to prove, they need you, that much is true.
But the fear grips you and tears you down, you fall and can't get up.
You find yourself wearing this same loser's crown.
What they need is someone you can't be, they need someone strong.
But your own fear won't set you free, and your pride won't leave you alone.
It tells you you don't need them, and fear shakes you to the bone.
You need that comfort of your pride, so you tell them to find their own way.
So you walk away and from your duty you hide,
because let's face you've never been the hero type.

That's it for today! Jeanette

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Anonymous said...

Not everyone's a hero but leadership is not dependenat on it.