Monday, February 16, 2009

Falling Down

Yesterday was a less than spectacular day. The sermon at church was awesome and that, honestly, was the highlight of my day. My heart is heavy over some things some friends are going through -- big, life-changing things. I stayed after class yesterday and talked with one of the ladies in my class. Life is hard, at times super hard. There aren't any answers I can give this side of heaven. There's not anything I can do to fix things. Prayer is my only resource.

I got home from church and my lunch that I left in the crockpot was not done. I underestimated the cooking time. The younger 2 kids were gone with friends but the college boy was here with a friend. So, we took them out to a nice, quiet Italian place near our house. It was delicious but not a home-cooked meal for my college boy. When we got home from the restaurant I got out of the car and grabbed a book that I left in there when we went to Amarillo a few days ago. I walked around the car, looking at the book, and FELL DOWN. Yes, I stepped off the edge of the garage and fell. Ugh! I turned one ankle and skinned my other knee. I felt like an old lady. My son then picked me up and carried me in the house. My son, whom I gave birth to, picked me up and carried me in the house like a big ole baby.

I really don't know what else to say about that. It was totally humiliating. Then, my daughter came home and laughed at me because I didn't know how to use crutches. Don't think I've ever had to do that before. She said, "Just sit down and let me show you how to use those." Then she watched me awkwardly attempting to get across the room and worried that I was going to fall down again.

How did I, the mom, the carrier of children and the one who picked up kids with skinned knees and told them they were ok, the instructor of how to do things, become the one that was being carried and instructed?

I hate falling down. I hate feeling helpless and slow and being dependent on these crutches. Frustration. The only good thing is I have a perfect excuse for not cleaning house, doing laundry, or buying groceries today. And maybe you know how I feel about that. (elated!)

Serving the King (even though confined to a chair),



Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

johnny d said...

What she did not tell all of you is she handeled the fall and the subsequent carriage by her son with total cool. She is a little awkward on the crutches but other than that she has handeled her injury like a trooper.

johnny d said...

I don't know why it called me tpm??
johnny d