Friday, February 27, 2009

Countdown to Cowtown - Almost Race Time

Johnny and I went over to Fort Worth tonight and picked up our race packets. We walked around the race tent, talked to some vendors, and soaked in some pre-race ambiance. Then we walked across the street and ate some dinner before we came home. I've pinned my race number to my new, red UnderArmor shirt (cuz it's gonna be chilly in the morning) and put my time tag on my favorite Nike running shoes. OH MY GOODNESS - I am so excited about the Big Cowtown 5K tomorrow! It's my very first time to run in an official 5K with an official race number and time tag.

I feel so blessed to be doing something new. Johnny and I really have so much fun together and I'm thankful that we'll be running together tomorrow.

Running the Race,


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