Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Depression and Anxiety Help

I had to go up to Arlington today to have a test that my doctor ordered. When I got home I decided to have a quick sandwich before I got on to the next agenda item for the day. Since I'm here alone I sat down on the couch and clicked on the tv while I ate. Our cable is the kind that has the little box at the bottom of the screen that tells what channel you are on and what program is on that particular channel. The box at the bottom of the screen read "Depression and Anxiety Help" but the infomercial that was on was for the hair curling thing that sort of looks like a curling iron but has bristles and spins around. All I can think about that thing is what a tangled mess I would have if I attempted such a tool in this mop I have on my head. However, the way the wind has been blowing in North Texas for the last SIX DAYS (at least) some hair care products just might be what we need to relieve our anxiety over the windblown look. I don't know.... I'm really thinking the only help lies in a hat or ponytail....

The windblown look has got to be in --


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