Wednesday, August 20, 2008

College Move-In Day

Josh and Justin in Josh's room. Justin's room is just 2 doors down. Yes, that's Josh's bed above their heads. The room is TINY and it was hard to fit 3 beds and stuff for 3 guys in there!
Johnny and Josh in the hall near Josh's room.

Well, I've been lamenting and celebrating this day over and over again but it finally happened. MY SON WENT TO COLLEGE TODAY! We met the roommates. Johnny actually knows one the guy's granddad! Small world. We got all Josh's stuff in the room -- except the cool chair we bought at IKEA. It's in his room upstairs at our house -- I guess he can sit in it when he's home because there's no way it was going to fit in that dorm room. The move went smoothly. I helped unpack, Johnny created a shelf that hangs off Josh's bed. We had to go out to Target and get MORE stuff but it was finally time for him to go and start SWAT (Student Welcome and Transition) week. We said goodbye and I DIDN'T CRY. Nope, not one tear. Honestly! There was a parent session and we stayed -- Johnny only for a little while. I rode home with my friend, Mary.

Well, I've got to get Johnny out the door. He's going to Nashville for a trustee meeting. Maybe it will hit me later that he's really gone. Josh, I mean. That he's not coming back. Right now it really just seems like he's off to camp or mission trip.

And, now I've got to clean his room -- which he left in a gigantic mess.

Proud, proud mama,


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Anonymous said...

How awesome! I will be on campus tomorrow. After I visit with my mom I want to find Josh. If you get this will you email me his cell number or let me know what dorm he is in? I'd like him to meet my mom (it doesn't hurt to know where the nearest "mom" on campus is) Taylor Allen works for my mom.:) I'd also like him to meet my brother and several other guys. He will love it!