Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

We packed clothes last night. We made note of things that still need to be purchased. Johnny put together the items we bought at IKEA. We are almost ready - at least as far as the physical getting ready is concerned.

Jessica had a volleyball game yesterday and I had to ask a teammate's mom to give her a ride home from practice on Wednesday. "I can get her to practice," I explained. "I just need to see if you can give her a ride home because (sniff, sniff) we are moving her brother to college." YES, I teared up at the volleyball game asking a mom to give my daughter a ride home from practice. This mom does not know me that well yet. Jessica's friend, Jordyn, that went with us to the game LAUGHED at me. Jordyn knows how I am, though, and she was not all that surprised that I was at bit emotional.


What more can I say?



Anonymous said...

girl...you, me, a big ol' box of kleenex and some strong coffee.... name the time and place! I still have 5 days left before my BABY goes to kindergarten!!!!! Johnny already said he doesn't expect to see me at all next Monday... ha ha!
...at least Josh is going to a GREAT Christian college (no bias here...ha!)

Margaret said...

Wow I still can't beleive that he is that grown up. I mean he is still just going into high school in my mind. They grow up so very fast don't they. Like Miranda and your Jacob going into 8th!!! I just don't know what to do.