Friday, August 29, 2008

My New Hero - Sarah Palin

Oh my goodness! What an awesome day! I don't know much about her yet but am already an admirer of Sarah Palin. She was just a regular gal - star of her high school basketball team and beauty pagent participant raised by school teachers. She married her high school sweetheart after she finished college. She got involved in public office to fight injustices she saw. She's a hunter, a fisher, a mother of 5, a political reformer, a wife, and, important to me, an advocate of life and the family. Today, she is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary (I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary this year) and SHE'S MY AGE! She looks like Tina Fey and is eloquent and smart and is governor of the largest state of our great country. She's held elected office for 13 years already. The lefties and Democrats have already started their attacks. She had to know it was coming and she said "yes" anyway. Wow! She must be a scrapper as well.

Ok, I'll stop gushing. I'm all in now. I have to admit I am hugely patriotic and conservative and strong in my beliefs. I'm in favor of women being strong and independent when they need to be. I'm for family values and the fact that life begins at conception. I'm for limited government and freedom for all.

Really, that's all for now.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanette...just saw your blog. Sounds like things are great for ya'll! Our kids are growing up! Give the kids a hug for me and tell Johnny I said hello! Have a wonderful and blessed day. angie wood

Jeanette said...

In case you check back, Angie -- How are you?? Would love to get caught up with you and find out how the kids are doing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!