Thursday, August 28, 2008

Riding in the Car

I’m typing this into my word processor and hope to cut & paste it when I get home. We’re in the car…driving home from a volleyball game in Wichita Falls. Yes, we drove 2 hours to watch volleyball. I do have a new appreciation for volleyball following the recent Olympic Games but, mostly, I have a love for my daughter. Johnny and I questioned the reasoning behind driving so far but then both said, “That’s what we do.” We support our kids. I’d walk through shards of glass with bare feet for those 3 that I gave birth to if the need arose. (hopefully, it won’t) However, as I am typing, we are STOPPED trying to get onto I-35. At 9:09 at night. Ugh! Anyway, as we are adjusting to our new school and schedule this week I have noticed that I have spent a LOT more time in the car this week. Our old high school was less than 2 blocks from our house. Not our new school – 10 minutes from the house on a good traffic day. And, with sports, they don’t get out at the same time. That’s what we do. We support our kids. If I didn’t miss Josh so stinking much maybe I’d be a little less eager to spend so much extra time driving back and forth. I am just reminded that time is short. Tonight Johnny asked what we’d be doing if we weren’t driving to the game. Watching TV (thank goodness I am saved from the torture of watching the Democratic National Convention!!!!), going to the gym, cleaning house (don’t mind missing that either), or some other chore.

So, on Tuesday I start my new job. Beth, my new coworker, told me she already set up my email. I am so excited! I have a work email!! A first for me. My first project will be to get ready for my trip to India in October. Beth and I are going with a team of other people. It should be a big adventure. I will be speaking to women in India. I am also seeking God for some other projects that I would like to do. I just want to be sure that it’s God’s plan and not my own. I think about it constantly. I am dreaming and praying and seeking.

One last thought before my laptop battery dies. I am reading Same Kind of Different as Me. I am just a few chapters into it but am mesmerized. I purchased it yesterday with a gift card I received for my graduation. I was looking at it in the bookstore, getting ready to buy it, and a lady came up and gave me a card for a free coffee in the bookstore. I decided to get the free coffee (duh!) and sit and read my new book. I had to close it abruptly at the end of chapter 3 because I was about to bust out crying right there in the coffee shop of the bookstore. Though I have not finished the book, I am going to step out on a limb and recommend it. Yeah, it’s one of those life-altering, attitude-changing books.

Well, we’ll be home soon. Whew! I just texted Jessica (she’s on the team bus) and they haven’t even gotten to the stopped traffic yet. It’s going to be a late night for that girl.

Serving the King,

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mary said...

Just wanted to let you know that what you pour into your kids is overflowing. Josh has been a great friend to Justin and he needed one yesterday after having a hard day.