Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting on the travelers to get home

The itinerary says my guys should be on their way home about now. Until they land back on US soil I won't really know for sure. I talked to Johnny yesterday -- he called my cell phone. I don't know why I thought that was so odd but he called my cell phone from Venezuela. They have had such a great trip. I cannot wait to hear about it from Josh's perspective.

Johnny called yesterday to check on a meeting I had earlier in the afternoon. It did not go the way I hoped or dreamed. Do you do that? Have an appointment and before you even get there you have everything planned that you will say and how it will go and what the anticipated result of the meeting will be. I did and, needless to say, things did not go accordingly. I was bummed.

I don't know if read my blog about falling out of the boat during whitewater rafting in Colorado. You can scroll down to see it -- I could put that link right here and be all technical and smart but I just don't feel like it. Anyway, our guide, Larry, got Johnny and me back in the boat (out of the freezing water of the Taylor River which is really melted snow, BTW) and stopped us on a rock and said, "We need to regroup." I had to get up off the floor of the boat, out of the space where Larry's feet were supposed to be, and get back on the seat and pick up my paddle. (that is, after we got it from the boat ahead of us who kindly fetched it out of the water and waited for us to give it back to me) I had to do my part in the work of paddling to get us down the river. And, the rafting really would not have been any fun from the floor of the boat. I had to get back on the seat to enjoy the ride.

So, that's where I am today. Regrouping. Getting back on the seat where I can see what's ahead and enjoy the ride. Getting to work because that's what we're called to do as Christians.

No sitting on the floor of the boat wishing I had not fallen in for me -- nope, just moving forward.

Serving the King,


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