Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Middle of the First Week

Well, so good so far. Or, is it so far, so good? All I'm trying to say (write) is that we are off to a pretty good start. Except for the fact that we got the school starting time wrong. Johnny took the kids the first day. To get to the school you have to go in a narrow winding road. I thought there might be a lot of traffic. When I talked to Johnny later that day he said, no, there was not a lot of traffic. Hmmm, I thought. The next day I thought we were supposed to pick up our friend, Jared. Johnny and the kids stopped at his house and he didn't come out. Johnny called and asked me to call his momma. I did. She wasn't sure we were coming so she took him. THE REASON SHE THOUGHT WE WEREN'T COMING IS BECAUSE SHE KNEW THE RIGHT START TIME AND WE DIDN'T. How does one start a new school and not make sure to know the correct start time? Good question. I had to hang up the phone with the momma and call the husband to tell him the kids WERE LATE!!! Then, the husband had to go into the school (joy of his life) because Jacob has the strickest teacher EVER for his first class. (This teacher has 6 pages of classroom rules....6 PAGES -- I have a feeling I will be referring to the packet of instructions frequently over the year since BOTH of my kids have her for a class.)

Other than that, we're off to a pretty good start, I suppose. I got to see the college boy twice yesterday. Johnny and I had lunch with him then he showed up at Jessica's volleyball game. I was surprised but he told me Jessica texted him and asked him to come. He hugged her after the game and when we got home she said, "Joshua gives really good hugs." The parents, apparently, aren't the only ones who miss the college boy.

We're still adjusting. I am thankful that there's a holiday on Monday -- I'm already ready for a rest. We'll get into a groove, I'm sure.

Serving the King,


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