Monday, July 11, 2011

California Vacation

I typed the following in Yosemite National Park when I didn't have internet, cellphone service or even tv:

My calves were screaming as we made the descent. I was completely soaked – every article of clothing I was wearing as well as my shoes. Even though we were well below the waterfall the roar of the river made conversation difficult – particularly because we mostly walked single-file as a result of all the other people going up and down. A three mile round trip with a 1,000 foot ascent (that’s one thousand feet up and one thousand feet down) to the top of Vernal Falls and the Emerald Pool. When we drove into Yosemite National Park the day before the park attendant asked if it was our first trip to the park. Yes, we told her. She then reported that we picked a great year to come – the waterfalls were still flowing strongly as a result of the excellent snowfall of the winter. We found that to be true when the overspray from the falls on the trail made us look like we had gone for a swim. Even now I know I will be sore in the morning but it was so worth it to get to the top and see that amazing site. On the way down I told God how amazed I was at His creation. I had already been thinking such thoughts the day we went to the aquarium on the bay in San Francisco. I’ve never seen an orange fish with a perfect fuchsia square on it before. In fact, I’ve been to aquariums before and I am always amazed at the variety of fish and other underwater creatures. They even had this one shallow pool where visitors can touch some rays and small sharks. One little ray kept poking his head up. The aquarium girl said he was trying to get his eyes above water so he could see but I so think he just wanted out. Freedom!

We ended the day with another hike. Yeah, because one 3-mile hike up to a waterfall and back was not enough for one day. (I’m super thankful I’m in training for a half-marathon or I would have never made it!) This one was just 2.2 miles round-trip but ended on the top of a huge, exposed rock that seems like it’s the top of the world. Well, maybe the top of Yosemite. We could see waterfalls and snow-covered mountains in the distance. We looked down on Yosemite Valley and, again, I just felt amazed. And, unbelievably happy that I had a chance to see the beauty of God’s creation.

It’s almost time to head home from our California vacation. We’ve made some great memories and seen some amazing sights. From the Go-Car adventure in San Francisco to the little cabin in the woods, I feel blessed beyond measure. And rested in a weird way since every part of my body aches. I just hope I can get out of the bed in the morning…

Serving the King,


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