Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer: 18th day over 100 & it's flying by

Yes, you read the headline right - I heard on the news this morning that today is the 18th day - in a row - that we have been over 100 degrees in North Texas. Man, it is hot! Our training for the White Rock 1/2 Marathon is definitely hard in this heat. Johnny and I left the house at 7:20 AM both days this week to try to beat the heat. Yesterday, we got back to the house and jumped into the pool - in our running clothes - just to try to cool off.

The summer has been super crazy so far. If you've been reading then you know we did back-to-back weeks on mission trips. We got home from the second one on a Thursday and left 3 days later, on Sunday, for our vacation. We've been home a week and a half and I think something has been going on every single day since then. Nertz night, Bible study, kids in and out and in and out. Last Wednesday I was trying to do some work and the doorbell kept ringing and kids just kept coming over. I wake up in the morning and check to see who's here - if all 3 of mine are and if there some others as well.

So, it has been a really great summer so far. Really great. Johnny and I just got back from setting up our lake house for the week. Well, it's the Wildwood (our travel trailer) at the campground on the nearby lake. We are about to take the boat out there. I'll be back home tonight for Bible study but I think there will be some fellas out there later. They run in packs these days.

One month from today is the day we will take Jessica to college - pack up her stuff and move her off for the first time. Josh will move back a day or so before that since he's a small group leader for SWAT (student welcome & transition week). It will be so strange to only have one child at home.

Gotta go, Johnny's waiting.... Jeanette

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