Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Profile Change

I just changed my profile - it used to note that I was the parent of one college student and 2 high school students. Now, well, you can read it for yourself just over there, to the right. It's 3 weeks and 1 day til the middle child goes to college. We started shopping for her dorm room last Saturday. It was fun and way different than dorm shopping for a son! The summer has been so much fun and the house has been busy - kids coming and going...and coming...and coming over... Except this week. They are all gone to Student Life Camp. Johnny leaves tomorrow for Boston - his dad is having cancer surgery - so it will be me and Jadee-dog having some girls' time.

I'm thinking ahead to the fall. I don't have a mission trip planned and I hope to change that. I am really hoping to go on a vision trip this fall. It seems like over the past few years I've always known what my next trip will be so it seems weird to not know for sure. I'm working on a project at church and a writing project so I've plenty to do but mostly, right now, I'm thinking about that profile change - it's going to be so different around here. Not only will Jessica be going off to college but I've gotten used to Josh being around again. He moves back just before Jessica. It's going to be strange and quiet...

The anticipation of the unknown brings the great reminder that God loves those children I call mine more than I do (hard to fathom) and He has a great plan for them and for me and my man. Change is sometimes scary and sometimes a little sad but I am confident that the next chapter will be an adventure, just like all the others!

Serving the King,


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