Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Thing I Love Wears.Me.Out

That title could actually apply to a lot things. Could it be my new puppy? Although, I'm not sure I love her quite yet - we may just be in like. Could it be my children, even the one that will turn 20 in 2 days. Yeah, it could be. What about my husband....ummm...nah!

What I love - and I do mean love, I am not exaggerating - is Bible study. I love the study of Matthew that Johnny and I just finished writing. It has been a blast and I will miss it. I remarked over dinner on Monday night that I was sad we are done. My kids (bless their little hearts) called me on the carpet. "I thought you said you couldn't wait for it to be over." (I can't believe I'm admitting this to you!) Ok, ok, I might've said it. And, I might've meant it. It was a lot of work. Sometimes it was stressful and I got behind on my deadlines. Sometimes I agonized way more than I should've about the words that were typed on the page or even if Johnny formatted his pages correctly. Sometimes I wondered about the people who didn't come to class instead of being blessed by those that did. Mostly, really mostly, I loved it. I love what I learned from my personal time of study. I love what I got out of the time Johnny and I spent studying and discussing the Word together. I loved seeing my man at work. I loved, loved meeting together with my sisters in Christ and talking about what God was doing in our lives and what He was teaching us.

I sent the last week of study off to the office staff yesterday so it could be printed for our classes today. My subject line was "last one" and the body of my email had only one word "tear." The reply came back that my husband was doing the happy dance. Celebrating an accoplishment, no doubt. He couldn't be happy that it's over. Surely not.

We'll meet together one last time next week to talk about the death and resurrection of our Lord as well as the Great Commission. Then, we will commission ourselves to be better followers of Jesus. To incorporate the lessons we've learned into our everyday life. I might cry a real tear or two. Just maybe. But, I won't say again that I'll be glad when it's over.

Because I won't be. Not even a little bit.

Serving the King,


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