Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Pronounced Jade-ee, like lady with a j. That's cuz we all have j-names. And she is adorable. We "rescued" her from the Arlington Animal Shelter on January 6th of this year. She was just a day shy of 2 months old. Someone got her for a Christmas gift then decided they couldn't keep her so they had the animal control people pick her up. She was at the shelter for only a couple of hours when we saw her. She is a mutt - Boxer, Plott Hound & who knows what else, mix.

She is a people-loving dog. The first few nights were a little rough because we are making her stay in a kennel. She didn't whine, she howled. She pretty much sleeps through the night now and is almost perfectly house trained. She already knows how to sit and play fetch. However, getting her to let go of the ball when she brings it back is something we still gotta work on. But, come to find out, the Dog Whisperer of our area just happens to go to our church. We hope he will come work his magic on our little pup.

She thinks she's a lap dog, which may prove to be a challenge in just a few months time. I think she might outgrow my lap. She has definitely won the hearts of her new family, though, and I just wanted to introduce her to you!




Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What a sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

How cute!
But who's the dog whisperer @ church? Have not heard about him/her! I could use some pointers with Max!

Anonymous said...

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