Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love and Marriage

As I know that you know this Sunday is Valentines' Day. The day we focus on the one we love. Johnny sent an email out to our church family stating that he and I will answer questions about love and marriage this Sunday evening in our regular time of worship. He asked our folks to send him questions via email that we will address during that time. The first one he received asked about the origin of Valentines' Day. Not quite what we had in mind but I guess I'll do a little web research today to see what's up with that.

The health of marriages weighs heavily on us. We've seen some dissolve recently. It breaks our hearts. God had a lot to say about relationships and marriage in His Word. God values marriage. He made it up. He wants marriages to succeed. So do Johnny and I. Hopefully, we'll get some good questions and, if not, we'll give Truth from God's Word. I think it will be fun and informative. And, a perfect way to spend the holiday focused on love.

And, I get to be with my own valentine...the one that still captures my heart and that I adore.

Serving the King,



Unknown said...

I really enjoyed of His blog, very interesting.
hug from Brazil!

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