Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Crazies

I'm home for 5 minutes. I want to write a blog about the terrific time we had camping in the Wildwood last week - how God provided absolutely perfect weather, how delicious the fried turkey was, how much fun we had with our extended family - but I don't have time today. I'd love to tell you about my wonderful daughter who celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday. I'd like to reminisce and write something syrupy and sentimental about all that she is and means to me, but not today. I'd like to give you the scoop on the beginning of basketball season or how we haven't started even thinking about Christmas yet, much less shopping or decorating. But, not today. Alas, (alas?) there's no time for any of that today. Nope, not today. I've been working then had a coffee break to sit down with Jess & her friend & her friend's mom to plan the big double birthday party we are having at our house this weekend. I'm off to basketball soon. I'm just waiting for the uniforms to dry because they HAD to be washed after last night's games. Yeah, big weekend coming up -- birthday party & mission fair & banquet all in one weekend.

I hope to be back sometime before 2010. Oh, just kidding. Next week I'm taking a big deep breath and a break. I'll be back. Hope you will be, too!

Serving the King,


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