Monday, December 7, 2009


What a great day! I woke up this morning with the 17 year birthday party behind me, the i68 missions banquet & fair completed and checked off the list for one more year, and a week of Fusion homework to complete before we take a few weeks off for the Christmas break. That doesn't mean we are taking a break from our personal Bible study but our meeting together and working through prepped material will be on hold while we plan, decorate, cook, and gather with family & friends to enjoy the holiday season.

Once I floated outta bed - feeling the weight of things to do off me - I came into the office to ponder Romans 12. Then I went to MOPS where I am NOT a mother of a preschool but a "Mentor Mom." I laugh at the title because I enjoy those younger women so much and am not completely sure that I am mentoring them in any way. But, I got to hold a baby and talk about preschool mother things and life and be a judge for the most hideous Christmas sweater contest. Yes, two of the ladies (at my table, for goodness sakes) went to a resale shop to find their sweaters. I wouldn't say they were hideous except for the fact that one was a runner-up and one was the winner. I didn't vote for them because they were at my table but because they well deserved the title. I'll just leave it up to your imagination to think about what kind of sweater could so receive such an honor.

My awesomely wonderful husband picked me up after MOPS and took me to lunch and after we stopped by the new yogurt shop open in our town: Purple Berri. Hey, Mansfieldites, you should check it out. yum!

So, now I'm home. It's cold outside and a little rainy. I'm in sweats with God's Word open before me and I think I'll go grab something hot to drink. I've got a little work to do today and I am thankful for it. Yeah, it's a great day.

Serving the King,


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