Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best Life

I gotta start by writing today a sort of disclaimer. It will make sense in a minute if you keep reading. I have loved being a part of Fusion. I enjoy meeting together with other women to discuss what God is teaching each of us through our walk through the book of Matthew. I have cherished the time of discussion with Johnny as we study and write homework for our participants. I have loved the discipline (not one of my favorite words, BTW) of the work and the things I am learning. Not only is God teaching me so much through the study of Matthew, but I am learning some history as well. On Monday, I had to fill in a blank spot I left when I wrote that day's homework a while back. I got out my handy dictionary of NT background to read an article about the Herods. It was so interesting to see names any of us would be familiar with from Cleopatra! I know, interesting, huh?

I love teaching my life group. I enjoy the prep and the study for it and I adore my gals I get to be with each week. They are a particular highlight in my life. I love how we've grown together and the things they teach me each week as we meet together in the fireside room.

I love God's Word and I truly enjoy the study of it. Here's where I struggle, however. I spend so much time in study to give away sometimes I lack in just sitting still and meditating on His Word so He can speak to me and my life and situation. While He is teaching me every time I open His Word, sometimes I want it to be just for me. Just His Word directly for me - not to give away. Is that selfish?

So, I've been in a study of Romans 12 for a period of time. As I prepared to start from the beginning of that great chapter today I prayed that God would speak to me through it. Again, but something fresh and new. Here's the distinct thought in my head at that moment: life is best lived when we're not living for ourselves. Now that is countercultural. It's not all about me and my happiness and my comfort.

"Therefore, (Paul wrote because of everything he had already penned in the first 11 chapters) brothers, by the mercies of God (because of what He has done and not because of us), I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship." (Romans 12:1)

What is a living sacrifice? What do you think? How does one live as a sacrifice?

In that answer lies the secret of the best life.

Serving the King,


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