Monday, September 21, 2009

A Regular Week in Sight

The last few weeks (since school started, really) have been super crazy. I had these dreams of the kids getting back and school and I immediately getting into a routine. HA! This week actually looks unexciting and I am thrilled! I had a meeting about future mission opportunities this morning and spent the rest of the day writing and studying for Fusion. I am loving working on this project with Johnny! He is awesome!

My other project is getting ready for the trip to India. We have 3 days with the pastors' wives -- 2 hours each day in the afternoon after we finish with the children's camp. I pulled out a curriculum I wrote for a class at seminary a few years ago that I titled, "Women Teaching Women." I've been picking it apart and sending sections to my speakers to get the sessions lined up. I think it will give us some great continuity for the conference and I'm thrilled with the positive response I've received from my girls that are speaking with me. I'm also working on the day-long conference at the hotel and my spot at the evening conference. Maybe something from Fusion....

The only exciting thing going on this week is homecoming. Jacob actually asked someone to go! Jessica made the mum for his (date -- although that's not what he calls it). Jess is going with her friend and it should be a fun weekend.

Alright, gotta get to dinner. Making Johnny's favorite -- he loves my spaghetti sauce! Just stopped by to say hi and hope you'll keep checking in. I might actually have something interesting to write...someday....maybe...

Serving the King,


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