Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Sad, Sad Dilemma

I got some really great news today and I'm a little giddy so it's been hard to concentrate on my Fusion study this afternoon. I'm teaching on the Temptation of Jesus in the morning and so I gotta get with it. I actually have been reading from one of my all-time favorite books today, The Illustrated Life of Jesus by Herschel Hobbs. Love, love this book. It was given to me at a conference I attended a few years ago. I was sitting in the back and the conference leader held it up as he was talking about it. It was a new book and it looked interested and I simply mouthed, "I want that book." Kinda thinking there's no way he would've seen me but HE DID and he gave me the book! It's a super great book. I'm not kidding.

Anyway, it's Homecoming week at the private school where my 2 younger kids attend. I mentioned that on my blog yesterday. Everyday this week they are having dress up days for the students. Yesterday was nerd day. Jessica looked hilarious -- I wish I had a picture. She had on a skirt and leggings and she wore some of my shoes... She asked to wear them and I agreed just thinking that it would be nerdish because they totally didn't match her outfit. Only thing is, apparently, several kids asked her where she GOT THE SHOES. LIKE, THOSE WERE SUPER NERDY SHOES AND WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU FIND THEM?

I don't mean to yell on the blog but I LIKE THOSE SHOES. I wear them all the time in the colder months of the year. My dilemma is this: now, will I ever be able to wear those shoes again? Will her friends think I am even more nerdy than they already do if I wear the shoes? Will I be super paranoid to wear the shoes? Are the shoes really nerdy and I just never knew it? Fashionista I am not and never claimed to be. I did like to think I had decent taste though. What else am I wearing that I totally should not be wearing?

If you decide you should really answer that question please be kind. Otherwise, can you answer the question about the shoes without seeing them? Do I wear or not wear shoes just because teenagers think they look particularly nerdy?

Enough about the shoes. Back to Matthew 4...

Serving the King and not the culture,


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Anonymous said...

OK, now every Sunday I'm going to see you from the choir loft and wonder, "Are those the nerd shoes?"
Isn't it amazing we were ever able to dress ourselves before we had teenage daughters? My girls are always giving me fashion "advice" whether I want it or not!