Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tonight was our high school homecoming football game. They had a party at school after the game. I got home at 12:33 and was followed shortly after by a bunch of teenagers. What I mean by a bunch is 21... 21 teenagers and only 2 belong to me. And, to top it off, Johnny is in Georgia. His uncle died and he went for the funeral. I stayed, of course, because of the homecoming festivities.

The game was exciting -- really close and the lead went back and forth between the teams. We were ahead with just a few minutes left but our opponent had the ball and was driving down the field. We held them off and our quarterback was able to just take a knee the last play of the game. whew!

Jessica talked Jacob into playing a drum to help the cheerleaders out with some of their cheers. Since we are a small, private school we don't have a band so it was great for our girls to have the extra sound of the drum.

Ok, there's some craziness going on out there. I guess I'll go check it out. I won't be sleeping anytime soon which almost makes me want to cry.

I guess I'll just wrap this up by giving you one little funny story from tonight. I got out my Mary Kay lipstick to put a little on since my lips were a little dry and my friend asked what color it was. It was dark and, if you're a follower of my blog, you know I have to wear those little cheater glasses, so I couldn't -- I mean, I absolutely could not -- read the lipstick name. I tried to shine some light from my cell phone and my other friend also had her cell phone out. Nope, still couldn't read it. We passed it around the 4 of us and none of us could read it. We finally gave it to the 4th grade daughter of one of our friends and she tried to read it and couldn't. We finally realized she was trying to read the really small print around the edge of the label. As soon as her mom told her we wanted to know what the word across the middle was she said, "Oh, that says Golden." Smarty pants. Just kidding... it's a sad and funny day when 4 women have to rely on an elementary girl to read a lipstick lable for them.

And that's it. One teen just left. I'm down to 20. I think 7 are spending the night so I've just got to get rid of 13...

only 13 more...

Serving the King even when it feels like I'm serving the kids,


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Sue said...

First of all Jeanette, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's uncle's death. Your family has been struck by sadness this month haven't you? Sending hugs and prayers for that!

Had to LOL about the lipstick. Don't you hate getting older? I get so frustrated sometimes with all the things happening to my body at once.

Hope you survived your house full of teenagers. I'm sure they all had a great time. Did you sleep in Sat?