Friday, June 19, 2009

Insomnia and Irritation

I just typed a totally ridiculous and nonsensical blog about how I scared Josh on accident at 1:30 in the am because I have insomnia and Johnny told a creepy story and that I really should be sleeping because tomorrow is the last day of VBS. I gave an update on the excitement of the week and what's up for the weekend. Yeah, 13 cheerleaders overnight at our casa manana. But, alas, you will not be able to read it (I know, I know, you are heartbroken) because internet explorer decided to randomly restart and I lost the whole thing. I've never seen internet explorer randomly restart in my life. And now I'm way too tired to retype the whole crazy thing. In fact, the whole thing has made me rather tired. Oh, wait, the computer just freaked out again...I better hurry and go...goodnight.

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Sue said...

Don't you just hate computers sometimes - stupid things - that happens to me too on stuff you can't recover - blech!

Hope your last day of VBS is wonderful - can't wait to read the update.

Sorry I missed the Psalm this week - I'll try & get back to it, but if not... I'll hope to join in next week! I really do enjoy them :-D