Thursday, June 11, 2009


I can hardly believe 2 weeks have flown by since I last posted a blog. I hope to return soon with some fun pics from our New York adventure and we'll get back to the psalm of the week next week for those of you willing to participate in the sharing of that. I am just stopping by because I've missed being here. I even went to some blogs that I regularly read but haven't been to in a while to catch up with what others are up to as well.

We had some awesome storms here in North Texas over the last hours. It looked like a strobe light in my bedroom last night the lightning was coming so fast, one after another. Even this morning we had some really close lightning strikes. It finally seems to have calmed down. I thought the sun might peek out earlier but the clouds have covered the sky again for now. The house is full of teenagers and everyone is just chillin'. It's our first day to do that since school has been out. Don't get me wrong, our vacation to NYC was awesome and we had a blast. But, we walked our feet off and saw as much as possible in our short time there.

I went with a friend to Beautiful Feet last night. No, it's not a place for a pedicure but a ministry to homeless in Fort Worth. We were going to help with the children's ministry last night but because of the severe weather no children showed up. We chatted about future ministry opportunities then helped serve dinner when the service upstairs was over. My job was to pass out cupcakes. Because the ministry gets food donations the cupcakes were leftover bakery graduation cupcakes. The kind with lots of fluffy, colored icing. My plastic gloves looked like I had been finger painting. One guy was a little belligerent and one guy told us some off-color jokes. I wanted to be polite but not approving of the jokes so it was a little awkward. Mostly, the people were thankful and friendly. One guy particularly caught my attention. He came back for seconds and I gave him another cupcake. He sat by himself but seemed particularly sad. When he got ready to leave he stopped by a table to chat with some of the other men. He seemed lonely and wanting conversation. I stayed in the kitchen, not really knowing my way around down there yet. I cannot imagine being homeless or needy or dependent on others for even my next meal.

Johnny and I have remarked over and over again lately about how blessed we are. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by God's goodness to us. I am beyond thankful and humbled. Even on this rainy, cloudy day with the sound of the movie the girls are watching blaring in the house and the boys upstairs for hours on end playing video games (no, we don't allow that everyday) I am completely content (even with Jacob just now trying to irritate his sister) and happy.

Yep, God is good. He is faithful. He is marvelous. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

Serving the King,



Sue said...

Glad you are home safe & sound from your trip. Can't wait to see/hear all about it :-)

You are so right. We have so much to be grateful for. It's important to remember that daily I think!

Anonymous said...

I found you through the CWO blogroll! I love the name of the homeless ministry 'Beautiful Feet'. What great meaning! You are right, we are blessed. It is awesome that you have a passion to bless those less fortunate!

PW said...

Hi from another pastor's wife. Glad that you are safe after the storms. The Beautiful Feet ministry sounds awesome!!!