Friday, June 26, 2009

Diet, Day 1

I rarely post here twice in one day. I contemplated a tweet, a facebook status change, a text to everyone in my contacts but ended up here. It's the end of my first day of no carbs. I'm hungry. I drank hot green tea in hopes that would help. NOT. I've read more articles online today about food cravings and reasons to give up sugar and healthy eating and acceptable low carb snacks and blogs by women who are doing the same...I'm looking for some support, here. I fixed Johnny a big ole glass of sweet tea tonight for dinner and he had the NERVE to ask me if I wanted some, too. ARGH! huh, I guess a gentle reminder for him NOT TO ASK may have to be given for a few days until he gets it. BTW, I'm not on a no carb diet. It just looks like that today. Tomorrow I plan to run 5 miles in training for the 15k -- how will I possibly run 5 miles without a carb?

I'll get back to you on that.....

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Sue said...

Isn't it funny how when we try and take on healthier eating habits, our sweet hubbies try and sabotage us (sometimes unknowingly). I don't have the willpower alone to eat healthy when hubby is snacking on a chocolate bar or something.

Way to go yesterday and hope you have a fantastic run! I have never even done 5K ... can't imagine 15K but I know you can do it!! I'm standing along they cyber side of the road waving my arms cheering you on! :-D