Tuesday, October 14, 2008

State Fair o' Texas

Monday we, along with every school age child and adult off work for the holiday in the metroplex, went to the State Fair of the Great State of Texas. It was a really fun day! Here are Jessica and Jacob! I can't believe how tall Jacob is!
Jessica checked out her dream car/Jeep at the car show.
We decided to try some of the "award winning" food. First we tried the fried grilled cheese. It was dis.gus.ting. Imagine the bread was like a sponge filled with grease that had not been wrung out. Soaking in grease........ugh! We also tried the chicken fried bacon. It wasn't bad. The best thing we ate was CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!
We rode some rides including the gigantic ferris wheel, checked out some exhibits, ate some food...aahhh, a great day! We don't go to the State Fair every year but this year I'm glad we did! The only thing sad about the day was that our Josh, the college boy, didn't get to go with us.

Today I ran errands all day trying to get ready for my trip to India, which is only 10 days away. I have insomnia because I wake up thinking about all I need to do -- everything that's going on between now and then and the things I need to take care of. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight!



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Gwendolyn said...

Looks like you had a great time! My children are driving me nuts to go to the fair. Maybe I should let them talk me into it. :o)