Friday, October 10, 2008


Friends, Johnny and I went to the movies today! We rarely go -- mostly because there's usually nothing I am willing to pay almost $10 to see. And, I like to watch movies at home because when I watch a movie I want to hear every single word. And, you can't rewind at the theater. And, most of what comes to the theaters is not worth my time much less my money. Today we went to the matinee and both got in for $10! And, the movie was really good.

Johnny and I went to see Fireproof today. It was really good. I was caught up in the story and, yes, I cried at the end. You must go see it but, more than that, you must take your friends who are struggling in their marriage to this movie. Offer to buy their tickets. Offer to babysit their children. Dear ones, you really should take your friends who are just struggling in life to this movie. The message of Jesus and the hope that He offers is made clear in the movie. I sat in the theater today and prayed...prayed for the people in the theater with me (which, for a Friday afternoon after the movie has already been out for a couple of weeks was pretty full -- I was amazed) and those yet to see it. The movie is about real-life situations and hurts and trials...and I don't want to give one thing away so I will stop.

Go -- go straight from this blog to your movie theater's showtimes and pick a time to see the movie.

If you need a babysitter call me.

You should already be on the showtimes website...go now


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Anonymous said...

Will you come to Arkansas to babysit? :) I want to see it so bad!!! The nearest movie is an hour for us! :( We hope to make it soon.