Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simpler Days?

I just got home from taking Jessica to school. As I was driving home I passed a day care where the kids were running around on the playground. One little girl was swinging, her hair flying in the wind as she went back and forth. When I turned the corner I saw a dad walking behind a little guy on a tricycle. I miss those days sometimes. They were less complicated even if they were more exhausting. I can remember just wanting 5 seconds to be alone -- to think without someone needing my constant attention and care. Some days I have way too much of alone.

In some ways this season is more complicated -- teenage years can be trying. However, I just read an account on facebook from a girl I know. It seems her 4 year old decided to take her earrings out after she was put to bed by her parents. To keep them safe until morning, she put them in her nose. Needless to say, the parents got to spend the day at the hospital. Reminds me of the time when Jacob decided to swallow a penny and it got stuck in his esophagus. It happened to be the day we were moving -- I was at the new place waiting for the movers and Johnny was in another city closing on our house. I didn't even know where the hospital was. When the doctor finally got the penny out, he presented to me and said, "Welcome to our town!"

I guess every season has its own joys and trials. Makes life interesting, to say the least.

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