Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tenacious - "seeking something valued or desired" (

Yesterday I had a headache from the time I woke up. It was one of those headaches that just about made me sick. I took several pain killers - none of which even eased the pain. Finally, when I went to my monthly Keeno night, DG gave me some BC powder. I've never taken it. She had it in her purse! "Just put it on your tongue," she said. I put a little on my tongue, as instructed, and gagged in front of the whole group. It was awful, I mean, really awful. I walked around the corner to the living room so the girls couldn't see me gagging as I poured the rest out on my tongue. However, it worked. This is not a commercial for BC powder, but if you can stand the taste it seems to work.

So, we started playing Keeno and I was winning. Let me just add right here that I usually NEVER win. Like, maybe one game the whole entire night. I had the hot card last night, though. And, there was one particular prize that I really wanted - a green flower pot. In case you don't know, when someone wins a round of Keeno, they can steal your prize -- the flower pot went around the table but I was determined to bring that flower pot home. Try as they might, those other girls couldn't keep the flower pot away from me. It's on my kitchen counter right now, just waiting for me to go to the nursery to pick out some flowers to fill it.

Here's the question of the day -- am I pursuing goals or spiritual things with the same tenacity as I did a green flower pot?


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Anonymous said...

I love BC powder!!!