Sunday, July 20, 2008

Into the River

I’m typing this on July 16, 2008, even though it will be several days until I can post it because we don’t have internet access where we are staying. We are in beautiful Gunnison, Colorado. Yesterday we hiked – 2 hours up and 1 hour back down. The entire trail had a gain of 2,500 feet – I’m not sure if we made it all the way to the top but from where we stopped the view was breath-taking. God is the Master Creator.
Today, our adventure was white water rafting. We went to a place called Three Rivers, paid our money, put on our water shirts & life jackets (am more than thankful for both of those as you will read below), listened to the “safety speech”, and got our paddling instructions from our guide, Larry. We got our boat into the water, Johnny in front on the right side with me behind him and Jessica behind me. Josh was in the front on the left with Jacob behind him, then Monica in the back. Larry, of course, was center in the back. Then we set off down the river.
We really had not gone very far at all when the left side was being overpowered in paddling by the right side. Not good when going down roaring rapids. We hit a rock sideways and the boat tipped – Johnny and I fell into the water. Yes, JOHNNY AND I WERE OUT OF THE BOAT AND IN THE RIVER. First of all, the water was about 46-48 degrees so immediately I am not only shocked that I am in the river but my breath is taken away by the freezing, cold water. Gasping and wiping the water out of my contacts, I begin to look for the boat. In any given situation there are two things that will always be true – I will panic and Johnny will be calm. He followed the instructions from the safety speech – nose and toes pointed down the river. I, on the other hand, screamed and panicked. Larry reached out and grabbed my life jacket. He had me and was trying to pull me into the boat. I was screaming, “Where’s my husband?” Larry just wanted to get me in the boat so we could head on down the river and pick up Johnny. Larry pulled me in, where I sat on the floor of the boat in the space where Larry’s feet were supposed to be. Josh pulled Johnny in and Larry got us to a stop on a rock in the middle of the river. “Let’s re-group,” he said. That was an understatement.
When someone falls out of the boat (a “swimmer” they call it) an incident report has to be filled out. I listed our kids and Monica as the witnesses. Larry listed Josh as the “savior” because he pulled Johnny in.
Larry said something about karma being involved in my falling out because I asked where the safest place was in the boat the first time I got in. I told Larry I didn’t believe in karma but in God. Larry said he was the one that pulled me in the boat so he saved me. I am thankful to Larry but also that am glad that I had a chance to tell him Who I think is really responsible for my safety.
Tomorrow we are mountain biking. I hope to have a great adventure that does not include an incident report.
Serving the King,

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Margaret said...

Oh my goodness that must have been scary. I hear you on the one calm one panic that is me and Lee except I am the calm one and he is the one that panics go figure. I am so glad you are ok and that you told him not karma but God, you go girl.