Sunday, July 27, 2008

And they're off...

Johnny and Josh are on their way to Venezuela even as I am typing this post. Their first flight was delayed but they still made it to Houston in plenty of time. They packed this afternoon -- just because I would have started packing days ago to leave today doesn't mean everyone who lives in this house would. They had their suitcases full and THEN went to the store to buy a few snacks. Johnny isn't the best about eating different foods when he travels overseas so he always packs the things he knows he likes -- snack crackers, pop tarts, peanuts. I had to practically repack both of their suitcases to get all the snacks to fit in. Neither will go hungry, no doubt about that.

Johnny and Josh went with a group of college students, another one of our pastors, and a layman who works in our college ministry. They will be doing a lot of different things -- if you are reading this blog would you stop and pray for them as well as our partners there in Venezuela? I would be so grateful.

Serving the King,


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Unknown said...

we are in carracas, venezuela! the flight was long and bumpy and then we fly to Barcelona, Venezuela then an hour and a half car ride to Anaca, Venezuela. FBC Mansfield has built seven churches in that region and we will do street evangelism and college ministry through one of the pastors there. I am only posting this comment to show how internationally tech savy i AM. the guy who works at the internet cafe here in the Carracas airport laughed at my spanish of ¨RATEO FOR COMPUTERO¨ isn´t that how you speak spanish? just put an ¨o¨ on the end of ever english word?
linguistically challenged in Venezuela,