Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Does Lightning Strike Twice...

Does lightning strike twice at the exact same place? Johnny says that's an old wives tale...well, I am getting on up there in years...haha! So, I am driving home from class tonight, in the rain, again. In Texas, we never complain about the rain so I'm not complaining -- believe me! I called Johnny at home because we got out early and I was really excited. He said I missed all the excitement. What excitement? Can there be excitement without me? Lightning must strike twice at the same exact place because twice the grill has been in the pool. Yup, you got it...the grill was in the pool again. He said he looked out the window and one of the chairs was inching toward the pool and by the time he got out the door, the grill was in the bottom of the pool! He had to go in after it and, thankfully, Josh arrived home just in time to help him. Johnny said he wouldn't let Jacob get in the pool because there was lightning. I guess Johnny and Josh are invincible to lightning!! Hmmm, I guess the grill in the pool is a good kind of excitement compared to other possibilities. Some folks here in our area had some real damage at the end of last week. We've had a crazy weather season, but I am thankful for the rain and the cool weather...the hot & very hot, dry weather will be here soon enough!

In humble gratitude to the King,


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