Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meditations on Running, entry #5

Song that got me home - Chainbreaker, Charlie Hall Band
Run length - 2 miles
Verse of the morning - I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees You. Job 42:5

I planned an easy 2 mile run today because I ran 4.5 Monday & 3.1 Tuesday and, of course, Wednesday is stretch & strength day. Johnny and I plan to run 7 on Saturday so I'm running easy today and tomorrow so I'll feel my best for the long run. Since it was 2 miles I decided to take Chicken Little (aka Jadee, my Boxer/Pit Bull mix mutt - henceforth in this post referred to simply as CL) with me. If you've read any of my other posts on running then you will already know CL is not good for one step beyond 2 miles. Our city is putting traffic lights at an intersection near our house that happens to be on my run route. Some fellas were out working with some machinery this morning and my precious CL about flipped out. She kept looking back after we were long past the intersection. She was just about to calm down when we got to the creek bridge which has a short, concrete wall separating the sidewalk from the street. A couple of friends (the Dean gals) stopped briefly in their car for a little encouragement. My CL kept trying to jump up and see who was on the other side of wall. Then, as is her habit, she got in the pool when we got home. Even though it hasn't been too cold outside yet, the pool water is already super cold. She doesn't care.  When I came in the house she snuck in. When I called her to go back outside, she ran immediately to the laundry room. Should I be upset that she disobeyed and didn't go back outside or should I be impressed that she went to the laundry room - which, BTW, is the place where she went all summer to get dried off after being in the pool? She is so loyal even though she's really just a big fraidy cat. She tried to sit in my lap again this morning when I was sitting at my desk working. She's just too big. And now I've referred to her both as a chicken and a cat when she is clearly a dog. Even with her faults, CL is just about the best dog ever.

So much for spiritual reflections on running - some days are just meant for silliness, I suppose.

Running with purpose and
  serving the King,


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