Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Move-In Day

I know I am repeatedly posting about college move-in day but it's my life and today's the day. (Well, we moved Josh into his new townhome on Saturday so it's move-in day for the college freshman) Johnny asked me how I was doing earlier this morning and I didn't get a little teary, I sobbed. The kind that takes your breath away. I am going to miss Jessica so much. I'm going to miss the way she comes in and talks to me about all sorts of things - tv shows that she finds funny, what's going on in her day, what's going on in the world, spiritual things, how she's doing. I will miss hanging out with her - going shopping (not that either of us is big on shopping because we are not), watching movies, cooking together. I'm going to miss basketball season - the way she was all in. I have always said of her that she is a free spirit. She is her own person and does not let culture or other people dictate who she is or what she does. She is brave and adventurous. So much more like her dad that way. She's gregarious and loyal and compassionate. She cares deeply about people. She is passionate about her faith and her pursuit of God. She is fun. I feel so priviledged to be her parent. There will definitely be a void in our home and a void in my life. My life changes today forever. Twenty-one years of parenting and now we'll be down to one at home. I know we'll get used to the new normal, to our new life. I'm excited for Jessica to start her new adventure. She is going to do so great, I know it. It's just me I'm worried about...


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