Monday, August 8, 2011

The Grocery Store

I honestly don't know how long I stood there, staring at the pork section. It was probably only a few seconds. How long should one think about cooking for only three? I had already been down the laundry aisle, picking up 2 extra detergents and 2 extra fabric softeners - one will go to the townhome this weekend and the other to the dorm next week. Somehow it made me terribly sad. So I stood there not knowing what to buy. Or, rather, how much to buy. Jacob is dreading it more than anyone, I think. He was the only one home for dinner one night last week. The siblings gone off in two different directions. Johnny and I talked and asked questions and expected him to participate in the conversation. He rolled his eyes at one point and I said, "Buddy, you better get used to it. This will soon be your life all the time." And it will be ours as well. 

I will still make the dreaded trip to the grocery store every Monday, as is my practice. I will make my list and cut the coupons. I will walk up and down the aisles and pick up the things that 3 people need. Jacob will add his selections to the list - you know, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and stuff like that. I'll get used to it. Then, there will be a break and the college kids will be back. I'll pile my cart with even more stuff and the grocery bill will go back up. I'll be happy about that just like I'm really (no, I really am) happy for the college kids to go. I'm thankful for their precious lives, their devotion to God, and that we are able to send them where they want to go. God is good and life goes on. 

Life goes on.

Serving the King,


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