Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Mission Trips in Two Weeks

I am leaving in about a day and a half for a mission trip to Peru. The thing is, I'll get home and leave for mission trip number two 2 days after I get home. What in the world was I thinking all those months ago? Thankfully, I have really great people helping plan #2 and feel fully confident that everything that needs to be taken care of WILL be taken care of while I am away. Besides that, our Student Pastor is doing most of the planning for #2 so I really didn't have that much to do anyway!

I was meeting with our missions committee last week and, even though I'm leaving for 2 trips shortly, I don't even think I brought them up. On to other things... I laughingly said I wake up at night thinking about missions. But I do. Something is always brewing around in my head. So many people want to be involved - want to help, want to go, want to support. It is an indescribable and unbelievable blessing to work with so many great people. I am continually amazed that I have the privilege to do such things.

Well, I've got to get laundry out, run to the store, and I'm still working on part of the 6,000 armbands that I'm taking along. I'll covet your prayers on behalf of our team and those we will work with and those we will encounter!

Serving the King,


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