Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Peru with 2 of My Kids

According to my itinerary I should be home right now but, yet, here I am sitting at a hotel in MiraFlores, Peru. Our flight got cancelled last night (electrical problem) and, well, it was actually a big fiasco and more than 24 hours after we initially got to the airport last night we are about to head back over there. The above picture was taken yesterday - our tourist day - at a restaurant near the presidential palace in Lima. We were enjoying a good meal and a good time of fellowship with the American missionaries and new Peruvian friends after a week of hard work. And what an unbelievable week it was. Our main project was going into several schools and sharing the Gospel as well as some fun activities. We came into contact with literally thousands of children this past week. It was a great week but I am still processing it all. One person that our missionary friends have been specifically praying for came to know Jesus while we have been here. It was glorious!

I keep typing sentences and then deleting them. I guess I have too many tangled thoughts but am mostly thinking about getting home to my man and that place where I feel most comfortable. The place where I get rejuvinated so I can go out again and do what God has called me to do. Yeah, home sweet home ... excited to be there!

Serving the King,



Anonymous said...

Stopping in from the Married to the Ministry blogroll :)

Looks like I just missed you! My husband and I are missionaries in Peru. We live in Surco, about 15 min from Miraflores. Where were you guys working?

Hope you had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! Yes, Lauren and Nancy are great friends of ours. I just think it's funny how I found your site through the Married to the Ministry page and NOT through one of their pages! Small world :)