Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's My Birthday

I've had such an interesting week. No, nothing exciting or big is going on but I am perplexed by people's expectations. I don't even know what else to type about that so I'll move on. The week started with Memorial Day on Monday. Johnny and I ran in the American Heroes 5k in Arlington. The race was kicked off by a BlackHawk helicopter flying down the street, right at us. We are training for a half-marathon, the White Rock in Dallas in December, so the 5k was a great way to keep our training on track. I hope to find a 10k around September or October that fits our schedule. We are running the half this year because I really want to run a marathon before 50. You know, one of those bucket list things. With my birthday today I am fully aware that 50 is not that far away. Yikes, I can remember when 50 sounded so old and I most definitely don't feel old. Well, except for the soreness in my legs after the 5k and, well, a few other minor things like not being able to read without the drugstore reading glasses.  That is frustrating - to look at a page and just see blurry images. Or, trying to read my twitter or fb on my cellphone without the reading glasses. Ugh! (Yes, I tried the multifocal contacts but they just didn't work for me.)

I am looking forward to today. I picked family game night for my birthday. That's what I value the most other than the awesome privilege of serving God and being His child -the time with my husband and kids is precious, especially with 2 going to college this year. I don't take it for granted at all anymore.

I gotta run - literally, I'm training for a race! Live your dream, pursue God, love your family!

Serving the King,


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