Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Unexpected Testimony

It's the last day in India -- well, except for a few hours I will spend in an airport in Delhi tomorrow. By this time tomorrow I will have, at least, started on my journey back to America. I am totally ready to head back and I can't wait to see my family. This has been a hard trip for a number of reasons. I got the biggest blessing of the whole trip at the women's conference yesterday. Halfway through the conference, a blind girl sang a song then a couple of women gave a testimony. The first was a pastor's wife here in India and the other was a lady who lives in the city. She started sharing about how God had been working in her life -- she, of course, was speaking in Hindi so I had to wait for the interpreter to say each phrase in English -- and then she talked about something I said about my grandmother at the women's conference TWO YEARS AGO. First of all, wow, she remembered that from 2 years ago. Second of all, since that time my grandmother has died and so that made it extra precious to me. My translator was sitting down the row for me and she leaned forward to catch my eye to make sure I realized that the lady giving the testimony was talking about something I taught about 2 years ago. The lady said a little more about what I taught about and how she applied it to her own life. I was sitting there trying to compose myself because it was my turn when her testimony was over. The main point of the whole thing was about how God gives all of us different gifts, talents, and abilities and He uses us in different ways according to the ways He has gifted us.

So, here's the deal - we never know whose life we might impact, when we might really make a difference in somebody's life. Sometimes we will get the unexpected privilege to actually find it out and sometimes, maybe often times, we will never know. All we can do is to be faithful to obey to go and do what God has called us to go and do.

In the end, I am so thankful that I got to hear that testimony and I was blessed abundantly more than anyone else in that room yesterday! This lady's son is a translator in the medical camp this week and he came up to me this afternoon and told me his mom was the one who gave the testimony. I was so glad I got to talk to him and tell him how much it meant to me (he speaks great English, btw) since I didn't get to talk to his momma yesterday.

I'm heading home tomorrow and I can't wait to see my family! As always when I return from India, I have a new appreciation for all the material things God has given me and my family. And, I will be so thankful to not hear honking horns, to eat beef (I am a Texan, afterall), to put ice in a nice glass of sweet tea, and to sleep in my own comfy bed! I will be glad to not have to put on a long skirt, to not be drenched in sweat, and to not have to drive one hour each way to the conference center in terrifying traffic. I will be glad to celebrate thanksgiving with my family and extended family - I will feel even more grateful for that delicious turkey my brother will fry, the dressing my mom will make, and the freedom to worship without fear of persecution. And, a special, unexpected testimony will continue to encourage me, I am sure, for weeks and weeks to come.

Serving the King in India,


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Crystal Loveless said...

That's good stuff! Your words planted seeds that are still growing 2 years later, and it took you that long to even find out about them!! We totally get bogged down with seeing immediate results that we forget the impact of seeds.

Btw, totally missed you. So glad you are back!