Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Study Time

It seems a natural thing to me that our women's conference in India this year would be from the book of Matthew. I have spent so much time over the past couple of years studying it that I have about a 1,000 lessons that I could potentially teach from that gospel. Ok, I am exaggerating just a bit but, really, I have learned so much from the book and I'm excited to share it in another venue. (Even though I am completely wrapped up in Judges right now getting ready for Fusion in January - this year Johnny and I plan to teach a co-ed class together!)  Just this morning I have had to adjust our conference speakers and topics a little bit and that's a tiny bit stressful but I feel confident that it's going to work out and I am praying God's blessings on the women we will encounter.

My challenge today is to finish up my own outlines. It's really hard for me to stay focused on this one activity because (1) it's election day & I want to listen to the news - it's a BIG election day; (2) Jessica is home sick and she's filling out residence forms for college so I've had to dig out shot records & health insurance info and help answer questions; (3) I still have errands to run, laundry to do, packing to think about and that distracts me; (4) Jacob got his driver's permit today. Ok, that last one is not distracting me from study. It's just what's going on today so I thought I would include it. Jacob is, afterall, the last to start driving and it's kind of a big deal. We've been doing the home taught driver's ed and he's had to read and listen to me and take practice tests. He already thought that was a lot of trouble. When I told him this morning we still had about 26 hours of classroom time plus the driving time he was irritated - he thought we already finished the teaching part...hahahahaha...boy, is he gonna hate the hours and hours we have left to do.

Back to work for me....

Serving the King,


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