Friday, May 28, 2010

Now I Know It's Summer

Today I got in the pool.  The temp of the water is already perfect.  Which means that the weather has already been hot enough to warm the water because I really don't like to get in cold water, which I believe I might've mentioned a time or two on this blog.  I sat out by the pool today and read a book on Paul by F.F. Bruce.  It's a book from seminary that I enjoy re-reading.  Jessica saw I had it out and asked if I was reading it.  She used it as a source for her research paper so she's familiar with it.  I told her I was because it's a really good book.  She agreed but said it was more like an encyclopedia.  It's not, I promise. 

I made a yummy summer treat the other day.  It was really the result of an accident.  I made cupcakes because the kids were going to have friends over after church -- not the public school kids because they aren't out of school yet, but the private school kids.  I was going to make some glaze with some frozen strawberries that I put in the blender & powdered sugar.  But, I didn't have enough powdered sugar to make it glazy enough so it was really strawberry syrup.  yum!  I ended up dipping the cupcakes in the strawberry syrup but had a lot left over.  So, I added some crushed ice and blended it and it made a strawberry icee.  It was really good.  Today I made it again but with some mixed frozen fruit.  I didn't have powdered sugar (still) and didn't want to put in regular sugar because I thought it would be too grainy so I made a simple syrup and then added that and the ice.  I have to admit I like just strawberry but it was really refreshing so maybe it will become a regular this summer.  Except for the fact that everyone in my family except me has free-fill cups from Race Trac so they might prefer that.  We'll see...

Have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend!


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Anonymous said...

OK, you are WAY braver than I am. I NEVER get in the pool until about JULY!! Our water is still only about 86 degrees, which is not warm enough for me!!

Have a great weekend!