Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marvelous Mom's Day

Wow, what a great day it has been.  I got to be with my awesome Life Group this those girls sooo much.  We're like family and making our own Life Group traditions, well, like family.  If we're family, does that make me the momma?  hahaha!

My family gave me just what I wanted for Mom's Day.  Yes, a docking thing for my iPod.  That's after I received a rose bush via the delivery man yesterday.  We came home from church and my husband and kids cooked lunch.  Johnny cooked steaks on the new grill he bought yesterday (for mothers' day?) and mine was perfectly cooked and perfectly delicious.  I then took a way-too-long nap and relaxed the rest of the day.  Oh, and we played some Sequence. 

I called my mom today, of course.  It's her first mothers' day without her mom.  She has missed her.  Johnny and I talked about my Grandmother just a couple of days ago.  Last year, we drove to Waco on the Saturday, the day before Mothers' Day.  We visted my Grandmother and took her some flowers.  She was still doing pretty good and we had a nice visit.  When I saw her just a couple of months later she had really changed and gone down hill.  I'm sad she's gone.  I'm sad for my mom and the loss of that generation. 

Well, that's all.  Hope you had a great mothers' day!


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